Spring/Fall Sales

SPRING  SALE - MARCH 23-28, 2015

Gardening books Galore!!

Foreign Language: German books by the hundreds!  From the extensive 50 yr library collection of the late German Scholar and Professor Wilfried Malsch of UMASS. Also some of his foreign language books on tape.

German WWII Map from estate of Major Gerald Feldmann who fought in the Battle of the Bulge - oil cloth, many 17"x21" sections taped together creating huge map, $95.

We have acquired MANY auction catalogs:  Sotheby's, Christie's, Bruun Rasmussen, Leland Little Auctions, James D. Julia - art of all kinds, both national and international-Russian, Japanese, French, British, Chinese, you name it.   Also, furniture, guns, and all sorts of collectibles are in these catalogs.  Some of these catalogs will be special priced and shelved in the children's room.  Those NOT special priced will be shelved with art.

HOW DOES THE ENTRY LINE FORM? A sign in book will be placed outside the library promptly at 9 a.m. Monday March 23rd.  The first person in line at that time is the first person to sign in, second person in line signs in, etc, etc.   Print YOUR NAME (ONLY) clearly so we can read it. IF your spouse, family member or friend wants to come, they must sign themselves in. By 4:30-4:45 pm everyone should be in their correct position in line down the handicapped ramp.  At that time we will take the book and start down the line reading names to make sure everyone is in the correct order as signed in.  This process enables you to wait in your car or go get a cup of coffee, etc and not have to stand in line for hours.

DONATIONS:  bring 'em on.  If you have large quantities call the library 323-0417 and they will deliver the message to us for pickup or unloading assistance.

DON 'T FORGET ----  the book sale is the WHOLE footprint of the library. Make sure you see it ALL when you come.  When we say 50,000 items we are not foolin'.  Books, DVDs, CDs, puzzles, games, even a few VHS tapes (please, no more donations of VHS).

Below is a sampling of special priced ribboned books available at the sale.

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